2004-12-14 02:25:03 (UTC)

Busy, Busy But Not Hectic

I began this morning with baking a double batch of peanut
butter cookies to add to Jack's box of treats. While they
cooled I did laundry and made the bed and took a phone call
from my doctor who reported that a medical test result had
come in and looked fine. He wants me to have a blood test
to determine how much medicine I should take to keep things
fine and I told him I was going to do it this morning as I
wanted the results in before his office closed for two weeks
for Christmas vacation. I wasn't happy when I went to his
office and found there was no form ready for me to pick up
and I ended up waiting for forty-five minutes for it. I
also mailed Jack's package which he should get on Wednesday
or Thursday. It had cookies, fudge, a few handmade
ornaments, candies, a few little gifts, some chocolate
Santas and tangerines.

I stopped by to visit with John's parents on my way home and
returned around 2 p.m. I had enough time to make lasagna
from leftover spaghetti sauce as John left work early and we
went to Corvallis at 3 p.m. We had errands and shopping and
banking to do, saw Gavin and I gave him some cookies and
candies before we left him at his apartment. I called Hugh
on the cell phone and asked him to turn the oven to 350
degrees and put the lasagna in the oven as we were crossing
the bridge out of Corvallis and I had time to set the table
and make a salad before it was baked.

I only had time to briefly glance at my Snowbound blocks
this morning; I hope to do a bit of work on them tomorrow.
I'm also working on some surprise gifts, something which is
always fun!