My Aphrodisiac
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2004-12-13 23:56:22 (UTC)

Well, the roomie is iggin me..

Well, the roomie is iggin'me somethin' severe! That's a
whole 'notha story though. The broad is mad xtra'd and
don't know how to effectively express herself. So, I
ain't fuccin' w/ her no more. Last night I spent the
night w/ Freddie B. It was fun. We watched "Dawn of the
Dead" and chilled. and my boo was cupcakin'.
How sweet! Yep. But I gotta get back to studyin'. THat
was just a brief synopsis of what the deal has been w/ me
as of late. I go home thursday. I'm overexcited! Not
really, but I'm ready to get the hell up outta here. Yep!
Til' the next episode.