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2004-12-13 18:35:00 (UTC)

So i m new to this diary thing...

So i'm new to this diary thing.
I just finished another exam i thought i definitely aced
but alas, i overestimated myself. I am really dumb--
really an idiot. How i made it thru high school and
college, i do not know b/c i clearly do not belong here!!!
clearly not. I have yet to do well on any exam that has
been presented to me. I tried on this one, too. It tried
really hard. I thought i knew my stuff well, too. i
reviewed twice over and on some lectures 3 times over. I
don't get it. i just don't get it. why can't i do well on
these exams? why is this not clicking for me?? i don't
know why.