2004-12-13 09:34:37 (UTC)

dedications and shout outs to the people who mean the world to me

the first person on my life, she's the most couragest,
strongest,smartest woman i know in my life and that is my
MOTHER, i love u mom u mean more to me then words can

Older Sister(Safea), we had alot of catching up to do, but
im glad we are caught up. we've had our diffrinces, but
hey i guess we got through them.. i kno i dont say it as
much as i do.. but i love u alot,

Ayesha ( my lil baby) well u arent lil no more your
growing up TOO fast. i remember when ur lil butt was in
dipers. god i love u man.. ur more then my lil sister what
u know and how u turn up when u turn into a woman is becuz
of me.. hopefully u'll turn out to be a beutiful woman.. i
love u babygirl forever and always. *muhwa*

MoMo* i kno u cant read yet. but some day u will..ur my
lil man ur alil badass but i still love u MUCHO MUCHO

Zak* man well we've had our bad and good times.. im glad
ur back in the house.. u dont need to be living with that
man.. ur my bro no matter what happens dont listen to what
baba say's hes and asshole.. n look at him now... he is
all alone.. Judgment day is commin soon..and he'll answer
to God.. but anyways i love u man even though i wanna drop
kick u in ur neck.. but its ok.. muhwa

*~*~ FRIENDS ~*~*~*~

Tiago~ i dont know what to say.. we dont talk as much now
well i'm not gonna say anything.. but anyways even though
u've been putting me OFF for awhile i'm still her for
you.. and i'vve read ur jounal and what u said about me
cheating wass the truth YEA but u didnt say why i did.. u
said u forgave me but u failed to say why i cheated on u.
I WILL TELL EVERYONE why now... after i moved to my dads
house (the worst day of my life) when i neeeded u the most
in my life u failed to be there for me for 8 months and i
found some1 to talk to .. to confy my feelings, and my
hurt and the mental abuse my dad was giving me in that
house. and u wonderd why i cheated on u.. really there
wasnt a realationship after i moved becuz u were never
there... andd b4 we were bf/gf we were bestfriends..and u
wearnt even there as a best friend... but likeu said u
forgave me.. n so did I. but now its the same shit. now
that u and assim arent together and shannon and april are
gone u want to be friends and call me now! but what about
the time i needed u? what about the time when i was in
ohio and i wanted to die? where u there? NO u werent u
didnt care u started talkin about your self... i was
always there for u.. no matter what everyone said about
you no matter whatttttttttt i was there.. thats the
problem i'm always there for u.. and ur never there for
me. i dontknow how u consider me as ur bestfriend.. i love
u.. yes butttt at this moment in time i dont consider u
as a best friend anymore becuz theres more to a
bestfriend...friendship is a 2 way thing not a one way
thing where when u have a problem u CALL me. but when i
call u.. ur busy.. it donest work like that. anyways u
mean alot to me we've been through some shit in the past
couple years.. u kno more things about me then anyone else
would know about me.. buttt u need to open ur eyes.. to
have a good friend u need to be a goodfriend..

Assim* ur the coolest person i've met ina LONG ass time.
we've havent had enuff time to get to kno each other but
the time we have i've enjoyed every moment of it. i can
talk to u for hours and have sooooooo much fun talkin to
u. i like everything about you .. i hope in the near
future we will become better friends.. i'm always here for
u no matter what happens.. i dont want u to EVER be scared
to tell me whats bothering u.. or whats on ur mind feel
free to tell me anything you want. UR JUST AWSOME :-D lol
i kno i havent known you for long but its like i've known
u since i was alil Kid... HOW DO U CLEAN UR ASS ASSIM
(INSIDE JOKE HEHEHE!!) i love u jaan ;-)

Brandon~ AWWW man i love u!!! i felt a instint connnection
when i first met u at target lol.. u gave me a hug and i
melted ur the coolesttttttttttttttttt person well assim
too but u know lol.. i love to hang out with u.. ur a very
outgoing person and i like every quallity about you TO BAD
UR NOT INTO GIRLS cause ur sweet n sexy :-D lol but i hope
our friendship florwish into someething bigger :) n u got
my number now USE IT!! dammit!!! love u lots baby.. :-*

There's alot more people in my life.. butt things change
and people change... and i dont think its worth my time to
add other people on here..

Theres friends and true friends... i can always
have "friends" but its true friends that ALWAYS stay in ur

"Friends are angels that come from above. Sent down from
God for you to love. So if you are sad, and don't know
what to do. Just remember that I care for you!"

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