2004-12-13 09:05:32 (UTC)

About Me *Nageeba*

Lets see, this is my first page of my diary... i'm not
sure where to start. i've been through some crazy things
these 18 years of my life.. or what i can remember of it.
i was born in august. imma LEO :-P but anyways my mom and
dad were married for 20 summin years.. and my moms been
through hell and back with that man. (dad) he doesnt
deserve the tiitle "father" it takes more then a sperm
doner to be a father.. but anyways my "dad" was the bigist
DICK HEAD on this earth. He beat my mom ALL the time. for
some reason my mom was on dumb MODE. becuz she stuck with
him for YEARS. THERES alot more to tell but i'm not goin
to get into. its to much to talk about. but my dad was
constaly cheating on my mom hes had a baby by anouther
woman. and the "otherwoman" was giving up the baby for
adoption, n my mom didnt want that. so she decided to
adopt my lil sister. Ayesha who i love sooooooo much and
if nething happend to her i'd go nuts. u might as well
lock me up ina white padded room and call me crazy. but
anyways, my dad didnt want really anything to do with her
but my mom loved her to death. My "dad" got my older
sister (safea) married when she was 14 years old in yemen,
they came back down here.. she had a baby when she was 16
years old. and her husband's father was real sick and he
wanted to see his first grandson before he past. so my
sister took her soon there. and her husband left back to
america, left her there and didnt come back for her at
all. she was stuck in yemen for years. and we had no
contack attt all with her for 5 years.. my mom would
constaly call the american embassy in yemen but nothing.
finally she went to the american embassy, after running
away from her husbands house leaving the baby there...her
baby is in yemen till this day. and she's been trying to
get him back for years now. when she called us that day
she was re-married she came to visit us a couple weeks
later... she went back and came back to america pregent.
with my lil baby Mo-Mo witch i raised for 2 12 years of
his life... my father has done alot of dirt in his life..
but i think the lowest thing he has done..witch i dont
really want to say .. but ... rape.... i know ur prolly
thinking WHO? well sad to say...my older sister. well
anyways after my sister got married and went back to yemen
we moved to delaware. with my "dad" it was a living hell
out there.. i've never seen my mom so deppressed in my
life .. i was 11 years old.. thank god my mom snapped out
of it and called my aunt.. but the phones were tapped sooo
he kne what she was planning and we werent alowed MAIL
cause he had that go to a P.O BOX. so my mom walked down
to tha gas station and called her.. and the next day we
were gone. my mom had to start her life over again by her
self WITH NOTHING. we went to michigan with my aunt for
awhile. then we finally got our own place in ohio .. i was
12 and thats when i had to pull through and GROW UP. i was
watching my lil bro and my lil sister till midnight. i
raised ayesha since she was 8 months. (still now)we had no
food, times were we almost went to a shelter home my mom
was trying real hard tho. there were times were we had
bread butter and suger.. its a good mix butt still nott
good enought. there are times were i was scared to eat
cause i didnt want my lil sis and bro to go hungry becuz i
eat a peice of bread. but it didnt matter as long as there
were takin care of. i love my mom and i thank her for
everything she has done for me and my lil sister. God will
some day repay her for her strongness and things she has
done for us.. my dad said if he found us he'd shoot my mom
and take us.. well couple months after that.. after
everything was starting to look better... he showed up in
our front window.. i was scared shitless.. but he didnt do
shit.. "all talk" well anyways there is ALOT more about my
life that i will tell her prolly toommmorrroow but let me
end this here i've typed enough. and plus i need a cigy
break.... to be continued...........