2004-12-13 01:12:34 (UTC)


There were two surprises at church this morning. Pastor
Ruth wasn't there as her ex-husband died unexpectedly and
she took a plane at 5 a.m. this morning to go to Colorado to
help and comfort her children. This meant there was no time
to get a substitute pastor so Pastor Ruth's husband
conducted the service. It followed the bulletin but we
didn't have a sermon and we sang many more songs.

The other surprise was a birthday gift that someone left for
me. A beautiful PINK poinsettia! I emphasize the PINK
because with a husband and four sons I sometimes feel I
don't have nearly enough delicate and feminine and PINK
things in my life. The person who left it signed the card
"guess who". I've narrowed down who my prayer partner is to
just a few people but I still don't know who it is.

Juanita and Doris both shared that they were expectant
great-grandmothers; Juanita for the fourteenth time and
Doris for the sixth. I didn't let on that my birthday was
next week so as not to take away the joy that was Betty's in
celebrating her fifty-second wedding anniversary today. Her
husband Sam is in a nursing home and has been for some time
and she believes that he recently suffered another small

The rest of the day was filled in with the usual household
chores which need to be taken care of and making lists to
try to keep on top of what promises to be a busy upcoming week.