The Nine Faces of Dave
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2004-12-13 00:35:52 (UTC)

come on, people, let's party up

The frequency of my updates lately seems to correspond to my
lack of motivation almost perfectly.

So resolving the issue from the last post, I got the console
fixed and I'm very glad to have it back. Before it broke, I
didn't really see how dependent I was getting to be on $150
worth of electronics for my entertainment. Needless to say
there were some boring days following that.

Classes have finished for the term, leaving naught but final
exams. At this point I'm really having a hard time when it
comes to caring about how I do; I'd really just like to have
it done. And despite the fact that classes ended Friday, it
seems like no one wants to have any fun before getting deep
into the grind of finals studying. Some of it is related to
finals getting offered early as an option for people who can
then leave early, but a lot of it just seems to illustrate a
remarkable lack of faith among my peers in their own ability
to do well.

I go home on the 20th, the night after my 8:30 AM final (the
only one that will really hurt). I'm looking forward to the
vacation and the time at home, but not as much as just being
done with this god-awful semester. At this point, I really
feel like even if I were to get, say, a C in my algorithms
class, I wouldn't be too bent out of shape because at least
I'd never have to take it again. I'm figuring on doing well
though, just for the record.

For next term, I've been recruited by the Chinese Students'
Association to play the role of Colonel Sanders in the China
Nite skit. China Nite sort of serves as an expo for CSA; I
know a number of people in the organization, particularly in
the higher-up spots, so when they needed a token white guy,
they came to me. As a result, I've shaved off my beard, so
as to permit uniform regrowth in a Van Dyke (a goatee with a
moustache) reminiscent of the late Colonel's. I'll probably
keep it shaven until sometime next term, in hopes that when
I do grow it back it will come heavier.

And that's really all there is to report. Some other stuff
has happened, but nothing I really want to get into, since a
lot of it could merit an entire entry. Still single, still
no plans to be otherwise. Having no prospects really seems
to make things a lot easier, as the "lonely" feeling doesn't
really go beyond a vague general malaise, which I can easily
remove with a liberal dose of PlayStation.

Though it would be nice if people wanted to hang out.

This is Dave, signing off.