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2004-12-12 05:32:44 (UTC)

christmas 2004

whooo hoo!!! yea i know i'm a couple of weeks early, but
thats ok, 'cause yea. me and daddy went out today and ended
up coming home with a vehicle of my very own. ::squeaks and
jumps up and down:: eeekk!! a car of mine very own. all
mine all mine all mine...::huge grin:: yes. its black.
black as the pits of hell, which seems to fit me at the
moment. (the pits of hell part, not the black, tho in a
manner of speaking they are one and the same...ahem.
anyway.) but yea, its black. and -DOES NOT- have tan
interior. you have no idea how happy this makes me. its an
Isuzu(?) Rodeo, basically just like the one we used to
have, except its not green (thank god. i despise the color
green, and practically every color i can think of at the
moment actually...) has a cd player and a radio, so i'm
good to go. thankfully there are no aresenals of umbrellas
or road flares to be found this time...

other than that, um...i went and baby-sat for mr. finck
tonight for 5 hours. an easy $45 bucks. and quite
enjoyable. his kids are soooo sweet.

on the subject of kids, i am almost to the point that
i've decided that i'm just better off being alone, seeing
as how i am an &quote "psycho-bitch" &quote, with a
&quote "twisted black heart" &quote, who is an
&quote "f**king moron" &quote, that &quote "has no shame"
&quote. (oh and by way, thanks so much for giving me my own
scar. come visit sometime and i'll autograph it for ya. and
next time you try that, maybe ::crosses fingers and hopes
really hard:: maybe you'll end up cutting your hand off,
perhaps it could be an incentive to keep them to yourself
when you have a girlfriend. oh but i forgot, none of that
matters, its just silly little high school drama.)

ahem. on a better note. i have mid-terms on wednesday.
this sucks. i have a band concert tuesday night. which
reminds me i need to learn scales to pass off so i dont
fail band this semseter...bah. homework's always a bitch.
oh, sorry, i forgot, i seem to have that covered pretty
well, atleast according to some.

i heard a quote the other day that i really like. it
said "no one ever dies a virgin, because life screws us
all" ...all i'm gonna do is plaster a fake smile on my face
and pretend like nothing's wrong, so as to please the
minions. ::huge fake grin that slightly scares me::
yes...that should do nicely.

forever 17