My Gay Misadventures
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2004-12-11 06:38:39 (UTC)


Ok, dont really pay mind to the subject, I really had
nothing else goin. Anyway. Lets see. Being the end of the
year, I can safely say, This has been one hella drama ass
year. Glad its over. time to reboot this be-yatch. So come
Jan. Ima ganna have to quit mcdonalds, and either (A) Stay
in SA and get a better job. or (B) Move to Louisianna and
start over. Kinna iffy on plan B though.

(Man im so not in the writters mood)

Today was one hellish day at work though. Iv had a total of
4 things fall on me. First being hot 350degree cooking oil.
Then a fling of ketchup, was 'hit' by an ice cream cone, and
finaly spilled coke on myself out the door...meh, i needed
to do laudry anyway...

Lets see...Well, I dumped a boy recently...actually...Hes
older then me...Some Brit who had this hard-knock life
story...We did 'it' the first night, and then he become
hella affectionate. which i love mind you. just not from
someone i hardly know. anyway, i had to cut him loose after
a week when he threw a sugestion of moving in together...
Jared is also making a cameo later this year (few weeks
rather) so ima spend a night or 2 with him in his hella rich
parents house. (also a key strand to why im moving to LA)

To be honest. these next few months are ganna be hell. I
know ima go through some hella changed...i'll try to
document these as they happen...this info may come of some
use later in life...And im not really scared...Im ready.

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