2004-12-10 11:57:15 (UTC)

Christmas Lights

The fire department put up the town Christmas lights
yesterday. I like how they glow softly through the rain.

The packing materials are all at the country house and John
said he would go get them this week-end so I'm going to wait
to mail Jack's package until Monday.

I cleaned up my sewing room and decorated it a bit for
Christmas and I'm also almost finished with the living room.
Of course, the tree still needs to be done but that can
wait until sometime next week. I made a few more rosehip
wreath ornaments and have almost finished the shepherd and
angels block for the Snowbound quilt. I also found a small
quilt that will work well for Christmas once I put the
binding on it and I again came across the Winterberry basket
penny rug kit which I still haven't begun. Well, there's
still time. And then there's always next year too!