goddess of imaginary light
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2004-12-10 09:23:52 (UTC)

ill always be waiting for you

so the last two days i have spent in my room in front of
my computer
and staring at i hate HATE finals....but i
think ill do well because ive been such a hermit
christmas...i mean, if you really know someone you would
see something that they would like right?
why do you ask someone what they want...theres no element
of suprise in that...
not trying to be a hypocrite, i ask peple what they want
to but do i ever get that for them? not likely
the way i see it is that if youre in my life enough for me
to get you a present then you should know the type of
things that i enjoy...think about things ive said
thats what i do for you....i know people listen it just
takes time for you to go through and remember what things
people said.

i know you read what do you think?