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silent wishes
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2004-12-10 02:26:14 (UTC)

"Dear Zack", a message from Katie.

SO...first I'm a liar, next I'm "an immature high
schooler spreading rumors". Let's see...WHO'S the liar? Me?
yea...ok Zack. Oh, and you might want to know that
your "special birthday present" you kept talking about,
that was a DVD. I know...I should go to hell for that
right?, well according to you anyway. I read what you and
Chris wrote. Your mind automatically jumped to me. That's a
pretty far jump. Alyson is not dumb. She figured it all
out, and yes, we did have enlightening conversations about
you. But you know what, 7 out of 10 times, it was something
good. Yes the other 3 were bad, but I learned a lot, and so
did she. I might have confirmed her suspicions, but come
on, you expected me to lie? Oh that's right, you did b/c
according to you I've lied to you a lot. And I wanted
Alyson to hate you? Where did that come from? Well it was
my mistake for trusting you and believing everything you
said. Now that I think about it, I regret everything I ever
did with you. There seems to be a lot of that going around.
I think you snapped at me and used me as the one to blame
to prevent yourself from taking the blame for this mess.
-YOU- screwed up. -I- did too. And it's only my fault? Oh,
and you never wanted anything? Yea well you need to work on
your communication skills if that's so.
Katie Gillen