2004-12-09 03:35:52 (UTC)

Winter Stars

We are in the midst of our winter rainy season with storm
after storm coming in bringing torrents of rain and wild
winds. The stars are not visible. Last night I could just
see the faint glow of the moon through the clouds. I wait
for clear nights when I'll again see the moon and the stars
in all their brightness.
I made fudge and brownies today to mail to Jack. In the
afternoon I went to town to do errands and made a stop at
the quilt shop to fondle fabrics. I bought several fat
quarters to add to the fabrics I'm using for the Snowbound
quilt as well as some red wired ribbon to make more little
rosehip wreath ornaments. Tomorrow I hope to bake the
cookies and finish making the rest of the treats for Jack
and wrap his little gifts so that I can get it all packaged
Friday morning and off in the mail. I'll try to finish up
the Christmas decorating if I have time and perhaps get
another fruitcake made as well.

I had the chance to take a brief nap this afternoon as John
worked a couple of extra hours which meant I had more time
to prepare dinner. Still, it was almost 7 p.m. before it
was ready. The fireplace is sending off a soothing heat
and soon I'll sit near it with a purring cat at my feet and
do a bit of knitting before heading off to bed to snuggle
under some quilts and read and drift off to sleep.

"It is a time of preparation and waiting, because even
though as autumn grinds to a dark and murky halt, everything
is dying and falling asleep and falling off, something brand
new is coming. Hope is coming. And so one of the messages of
Advent is, don't weep over leaves." Anne Lamott