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2004-12-08 17:18:51 (UTC)

12.08.04 The Day Your Hero Returned

So its been like a half month or so since you last heard
from your Hero. Even now, I write from HFHS, the high
school that I have so thoroughly outgrown.
This entry would take like eleven pages to seriously give
you all the important things that have happened to me since
November 21st. So, I mean, I guess I will try to summarize?
Or will I? Nah, I'm just gonna write here for now.
As I write, VP is giving me a massage. Her
and I have become better friends over the course of the
past few weeks....I guess its the rule of exposure. Shes a
cool person, perhaps, but no one is really worthy of more
than a paragraph in the diary of your Hero.
Moving on....and most importantly, I think, today is
the biggest day of my life, to date. Any youth or parent of
youth knows how financially rigourous the 'pay for college'
process can be: It can, simply put, be a pain in the neck,
among other places. I've seen families, not omitting my
own, go through such strains, and I know it's not easy for
those who don't have the money.
They say college is an investment. You invest in
college for years to increase your salary in the future.
Well, what would happen if someone could invest for you: if
all you had to do was learn and go?
That's like: "what the heck...what the heck is wrong
with you?" In the words of J Coupet: "are you...are you
serious?" Why would anyone want to pay for something so
If you don't know what's going on, I have a 10/25
chance of having all my tuition paid for Pomona College in
California. Tuition there is $25,730, plus tax. That, over
four years, is a cost that is estimated at $114,000, but
can be up to or more than $130,000.
I've never seen $130,000. I've never seen it invested
into anything. It's never belonged to me, and frankly, I
didn't think that I'd come this close to witnessing I or
anyone I knew well investing it into anything.
I say this with teary eyes, though nothing has even
happened: I have the Grace of God looking over and after
me. I have His favor, and my goodness, it is unmerited.
I've done absolutely nothing to deserve His favor. I'm
merely a weak sinner, and it makes no sense at all to me
why or how He has my back like this.
If I don't get the scholarship/if I do: whatever. His
will be done. I've learned, through this experience, that
no matter what happens, His will be done. He's got my back,
and I know things will work out either way. I thank Him for
getting me this far, and I thank Him for whatever He may
have planned for me on the road ahead.
Words really cannot and will not do it, so I'm gonna
close. I'll catch up with you.