forever 17

silent wishes
2004-12-08 05:05:41 (UTC)

"she's a saint, and tough as nails. "

::sighs:: so it would seem. i look as tho i'm in
epileptic shock, because i'm shaking so. strangely enough,
i'm past mad. i am calm, and quite rational. i know realize
how stupid i was to think that i was something special to
him, when in reality i was nothing more than a piece of
meat to look at and throw away when he was finished.
i dont believe i fell for it, but i did. i dont know if
he still reads this or not, but now, Zack, i'm going to
talk to you.

You are a liar, and a cheater. You told me loved me, when
all you wanted was to get off, and I was the closest thing
for you to use. You took advangtange of me. You knew I had
low self-esteme, and you used that to your advantage. You
used me. After everything I told you, and everything I
trusted you with, you went off and fucked me over big time.
You lied to me, telling me you had brain cancer, just so I
would pity you. You told me about nearly killing yourself,
because you "loved Kayla and she hurt you". You got Becky
pregnant, and made her abort her child. Because of you, she
will go to Hell. You told me you loved me, then you cheated
on me with Katie. And Christina. And Amber. You told
me "Wow. I was so scared. I've never done that before."
when in fact, you were doing it with 3 other people. Thanks
to you, I now know the true meaning of regret. I regret
every moment I spent with you. You convinced me that I was
special, and that you would take care of me no matter what.
You had us all fooled babe, you had us all in the palm of
your hand. But misery loves company, and that's what
happens when 2 girls, both just out of abusive
relationships, get together. They talk. And let me tell
you, Katie and I, have had some of the most enlightening

So thank you Zack. Thank you for wasting my first 3 years
of High School. Thank you for being the 1 abusive, asshole
boyfriend I will never forget. Thanks for teaching me
regret. Everytime I get tormented for being a "goody goody"
and for being a "slut", I will always think of you.

Thank you Zack, for being the one I will always regret.

Forever 17

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