My Journal...sorta lol
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2004-12-08 01:51:19 (UTC)

OMG im starting this again! 12-07-04

Wow! It's been like forever, brando reminded me of this
thing and i read all my last entrys and was like whoa i
need to start over so ppl dont think im NUTZ! lol

So! Im in my sophomore year of college at UWW, and the
semester is almost over, about 2 weeks to go. Im roomin
with beck again and its awesome, always some fun shit to
laugh about. Im still going out with Marc, my baybee of
almost 2 years (feb 22!) and Im as happy as I could ever
ever ever be! All the shit in my life seems to not matter
anymore. I have my friends, family, faith and my baybee
and i couldnt be more content. Christmas is almost here, I
cant wait to be on break. I have a lot of shopping to do
still, but i like doing it last minute. Im back working at
cousins (cant get out of that place!) again. Oh well i get
paid decent, more then at the DU here.

I have TONS of shit to do before this week is over lol I
have to write a 5 page paper for anthro (easy stuff), i
have to study for my chem lab test thats tomorrow, have 2
labs due next tuesday then finals next week. I dont care
though. this semester flew by and i couldnt be happier! I
can handle two more weeks of hell lol.

well when my days get interesting, ill update. but for
now... gotta do hw and such...


P.S: I LOVE MARC NOWAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a lot hehe

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