Cosmic Rain
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2004-12-07 08:29:19 (UTC)

Tragedies and Miracles

It's overwhelming and daunting writing an article that best
shows an event you were never part of. But in the same
breathe it's bringing a story to life. A story of great
courage in a time of disaster.

The time was Ash Wednesday. I remember it clearly. And
every fire incident I have witnessed and been through since
is just a reminder of Wednesday 16th Feburary 1983. And it
really makes you think. Think hard.

My sister's husband drove a full bus of school kids through
two walls of flames that day. The car behind them driven by
a 17 year old Russell Perry on his way to help his parents
spent his last day. His car was engulfed in flames.

There are no rules to bushfires. It's just luck or lack of
it that can decide the fates of many or any one person at
any given time. The bus had the luck. The car behind
didn't. One family's tragedy. The other families miracle.

I write this article imagining what it would have been
like. And that is all I can do. Imagine. I have felt the
heat of a fire come through car windows. I have seen and
heard the wind change and realise the flames aren't going
to cross the road in front of you, but are coming right for

But that is nothing in the context of what these people
went through. Nothing at all.

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