Uday's freedom of thought
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2004-12-07 05:29:11 (UTC)

And then she called...

People have their own way of deciding when is a good time to
finally let themselves out. A good example of this is
calling someone after making them wait for ages. They have
this little equation in their head that suddenly gets solved
and gives them answers to their doubt filled questions and
voila! The phone rings...

I find it really hard to believe that she wouldnt call
because she was really busy or she had absolutely no time.
Something tells me there is much more to her than what she's
showing right now. I know I know....people try and put up a
front when meeting someone the first couple of times..they
try to shield their emotions..their joy...their sorrow...by
using their professional front they master at work or at
college. I think she's trying too hard in doing this..its
getting a little obvious and even a little irritating. Why
cant she just relax and go with the flow? I hope she takes
it easy now...its been too many calls where we've ended up
talking about my education and her work.

As it may be obvious from what I've written so far, this
girl I met a couple of weeks ago finally decided to drop me
a line after several messages left by me since last week.
She gave the usual excuses...work..busy..no time....sigh.
Her conversations on the phone primarily focus on either her
education, my education, her work or my work.....yikes!

Why cant I just meet someone who's straightforward with me.
Someone who shares the little joys that life has to give.
Who looks at life the same way I do...every minute of it is
an amazing experience.

Just when I thought this might be going somewhere....

Inspiration for the day: Beatles quote "And in the end, the
love that you make is the love that you take", Tiger Woods
on Monday night football, Steelers and rookie Ben, Precor
Elliptical at the gym.