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2004-12-06 16:20:41 (UTC)

Time to get cooking!!!

Well I'm blonde. If this color really could be classified
as that. If I haven't mentioned before, my bet was lost. I
didn't hit 4X5 Therefore, I am blonde. Here's the kicker.
I need to stay blonde until I get 3X3 This bites. I should
close this Tuesday oh crap, wait, that's tomorrow. I just
need to call them up and get some commitments. Plus move
that time up just a bit. Need more appointments. Need to
help more people so that my hair doesn't have to look this
fruity and I can finally turn it the luxurious color of
plum. Dwight quit. It's a good thing. Long run it's a good
thing for me. I need to get myself away from that
atmosphere. Quite frankly I believe everybody on my team
thus far will quit. I hope they do. Christina, she was
cool, but at this point for the sake of self development
I really need to get away from young 18 through 20 year
olds and into a more mature race. I like the people at the
office. They scare me. They scare me because they are
nice, they scare me because they are mature, because they
care, because their independent. And I really need to stop
focusing on becoming rich. That is the next step. The
first is to become independent. Something I've always
wanted to become. I need this, and I will have this. I
hate the fact that when I'm talking with my upline, he's
got a roommate and if he isn't making it in the business,
which ain't gonna happen, it's impossible for him. I don't
have that much pressure because I don't live on my own.
It's got it's ups and downs, but damn, I really need to
get away from that environment and in to one that is more
(not meaning to sound conceited,) about me. No one helping
me out, it's a one woman show, and if I don't make it,
well then, I have to. I love my life. Cast another spell
yesterday, was very unfocused, haven't done this in a
while. If I could just get my hair a better color things
will be very sweet.