2004-12-06 13:58:28 (UTC)

No Hurry

John and I slept in late this morning but only because we
were up reading half the night. I hot chocolate at about 3
a.m. and that helped us both fall back asleep. This meant a
late start this morning so I didn't have time to do much
before church. In the afternoon I made a shopping list,
did a bit of Christmas decorating, found the Christmas
nutcrackers, and worked on the Snowbound quilt. It was a
very relaxed day.

John went over the country house late in the afternoon and
brought back a load of firewood. At my request, he also
brought back a small suitcase which we'll need for our trip
to the Coast later in the month as well as some cardboard
boxes to mail Jack's treats. We went to bed early with
books and cats and quilts.