my life sux
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2004-12-06 13:47:57 (UTC)

Fran had the nerve to call me.

Hello Diary,
fran actually called me knowing that she is actually on the
I didn't really care to hear from her.But Icalled mother
like I said Iwould .
She thanked ne when i called her at work and fran is someone
in Roswell in a fleabag motel.
She was calling from someone cell phone.
She said she hadactually been worried about me BULL SHIT!!
She doesn't care about anyone but her self.
And of course lately my seizures have been increasing and
that really suxs bad.
My life will never get any better and I hear ppl on these
boards bitch about having 1-2- or 3 seizures and they think
there like is bad and it's been going on 41 years for me.