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2004-12-05 21:40:31 (UTC)

Just Bored Today

So today is gonna be such a boring and pointless day. Sean
works from 3-9 and i'm stuck at home with no car. I left
my cell phone with Sean so i have no way of even reaching
Sean, so yeah, this sucks. My sister wanted me to go with
her and my mom to Valpo to go shopping but I have no
money. GRR! Stupid money! Lol, that reminds me. I had the
craziest dream last night. I dreamed that Sean won $50000
from the Lottery. It felt so real! Like, at one point in
the dream, Sean brought all the money to me and surprised
me with it and threw it up in the air and we just swam in
it like it was water in a swimming pool. It was crazy! So
then, all of my family and all of his family went with us
to look at houses because we decided we wanted to live in
our own house. We looked at BEAUTIFUL houses! Even in a
dream they were so beautiful. But then when we finally
decided we liked this certain one the best, Sean came up
to me and told me he can't afford living in a house with
me. So, i was like, hey thats okay hun, we'll figure
something else out. Later on in the dream he came back to
my house with a brand new truck and was all like, Hey look
what i got! LMAO! Yep, Sean and his trucks. Can't live w/o
them! LMAO! But then after that i woke up and realized it
was only a dream and was like, damn that was weird, lol.
So, yeah, thats pretty much it. This weekend was okay. I
was sick for most of it but i think i'm getting better.
Yesturday was so relaxing. Sean and I rented some movies
and we just layed in my room and just relaxed and fell
asleep. Well...I don't know if he did, but i definitly
did. I was so tired. Every time I lay really close with
Sean in bed i always fall asleep. He's so comfy!! Lol. He
always thinks that everytime i fall asleep, it's a sign
that i'm really bored. It's NOT! He's just so incredibly
comfy! I can't help but fall asleep!