2004-12-05 01:19:56 (UTC)

Thinking Ahead

John and I made a quick trip to Corvallis this morning. We
visited Owen and brought him some pie. Finals week is next
week and he'll be coming home next Saturday for the
Christmas break. We went to the library and picked up our
books on hold and did the recycling. We made stops at the
Folk Club and Goodwill but didn't find any treasures at
either place. John wanted to find a place to get keys copied
but I told him I could do on Wednesday in Albany so we came

The afternoon was spent doing housework and starting dinner
and doing a bit of quilting. I exchanged a few e-mails with
Jack; he's happy and doing well. Next week I'm
assembling a box with all his favorite cookies and other
goodies plus a couple of surprises and mailing it December
13th. I'll add some fruit too as the fruit that's available
on the East Coast isn't nearly as good as what we get here
and much more expensive. I'll send the box priority mail
so he'll get it in plenty of time for Christmas. I also
chatted a bit with Gavin on the phone and he too seems happy
although he sounded tired.

I sat down and made a schedule for the next couple of weeks
so I can get everything done. I don't have to shop for
Christmas gifts as that is now John's chore. The boys all
want techno-type stuff and he has a much better idea of what
they want and where to get it. We're done with tinker toys
and yo-yo's and board games and picture books.
At least for now.