My Aphrodisiac
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2004-12-04 02:08:57 (UTC)

"Kitchen Counter"

It's been a minute since we had our last encounter
That ended with me cumming on top of your kitchen counter
We had animalistic sex for what seemed like hours
Doin' things only the vividest of minds could imagine
We had one of those electromagnetic attractions
Eyes met
Lips kissed
Hands touched
Clothes removed
Bodies in tune
You eat
I suck
We both
Then fucc
I remember drastic flash backs
Of you spankin' this ass
Pullin' this hair
In these eyes you stare
I'm a succa for being fucced and looked in the eyes at the
same time
It gives me the chills that run up and down my spine
Screaming out passionate utterances
Asking of rhetorical questions
Such as "Who's is this?"
And I'd reply with your name
Sometimes daddy to add fire to the already enlarged flame
Tempting me only putting the tip in
Looking at me with a devilish grin
My nana beggin' for it
I'm trying to compose myself by sucking on your bottom lip
You finally give in and give me all 9 inches of ya'
chocolate thunder stick
And I gyrate my hips
We change scripts
Now I'm in charge
I squat down
Bounce up and down
Ass jiggling
You steadily spanking
Cuz this nana's good
I fucc you the way a porno star should
I've mastered the art of fuccin'
And I ain't bluffin'
Toes curl
Eyes roll
Motion continues
You hittin' each and every avenue
While holding my ass cheeks in the palm of your hands
You place me on your kitchen counter
Spread my legs like an eagle in flight
Do me rough...just as I like
I feel the urge rushing thru my body
And there is where we cum simultaniously
Right there on your kitchen counter