My Aphrodisiac
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2004-12-03 19:27:26 (UTC)

Just let me know

Caught in this much wanted but unwanted rapture of bliss
There's something about you I gotta have
And it has to do with more than your kiss
This seemingly unrealistic connection like none other
Often leaves me to wonder
Wonder if what I'm feeling for you is one sided
Wonder if we could possibly become united
I'm trying to allow our souls to mix
I wanna be your down ass chick
Your strong point where you're weak
Allow past loves to become relique
Forget about your last chick cuz she's history
Forget about the next chick cuz she's nothin' in
comparison to me
I don't care about ya' past cuz I'm trying to be your
For some strange reason with you I feel secure
No games needed to be played
My love comes ready-made
Just let me know now
Is this smile that you put on my face temporary?
Or is it here to stay for a while?
Just let me know...

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