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2004-12-03 07:10:01 (UTC)

Caravan of love...

Been listening to this song called "Caravan of love" by the
House Martins. I remember hearing this song at my uncles
place for the first time. I was 15 or maybe 16 then....the
song came up in an ad for formula 1 racing. They showed
these fantastic machines pulling up into their race pits
with this song blaring in the background. That song and ad
stayed in my mind for a long long time...something about it
was extremely inspiring. Its funny how much of a mood
changer music is...this song being played right here right
now reminds me of that very first time I heard it in
awe...it also gives me a feeling of closeness to everything
I hold dear in me....believe me, its real hard trying to
explain the feeling!

A great song is very much like that first time you fall in
love. You feel that great surge of happiness fill
you..overwhelm you....complete you....till you cant figure
if this is for real or not. You try to grasp each moment of
it with the hope of never letting this feeling in you go.
And when the song ends, it almost feels like someone so dear
to you just walked a little further away from you. Maybe
someday...someone would start a great song like that in me
and fill my life with music.

John Lenon had it all figured out. Recently my cousin and me
had this discussion about who was better poet, John Lenon or
Bob Dylan. Now make no mistake about it...I really really
like Dylans music. But John Lenon...he knew what he wanted
to say. Sure, Dylan was one a great poet...but Lenon didnt
need to be. His songs had one meaning in them and only
one...and after he married yoko, he pushed that meaning in
every aspect of his life. Sometimes I feel that someone
killed him because they couldnt stand to see someone so

I have changed. I read the only two other entries that I had
written in my diary about two years ago. So much has
happened since then. I should write more often... I wonder
why people just record their daily activities in their
diary. I would think that this is one place where you would
want to record whats in your mind.

Thoughts of inspiration for today: Lenon, the arrival area
in an airport...seeing all those people meet and hug, Amelie
the movie, the genuine smile I see on that waitress at that
certain restaurant, Forrest Gump always.