All You Need Is Love
2004-12-03 02:25:56 (UTC)

"oh my gah!"

i have my first babysitting job tomorrow. i am wicked
nervous. i dont really like kids and watching two is gonna
be hard. atleast they are sorta old so i dont have to watch
them every second. still why did kit have to recomend me??
i've never done this before. o well. all i have to do is
breathe. it is too late to get out of it now. the job is
only for four hours. i wont have to do much. just breathe
katie. i get so nervous all the time. dammit! shut up
brain. i dont think ill be able to sleep tonight. god
relax. ok this is a weird entry. she me being really
nervous. i cant go to karate tomorrow. that sucks. i was
gonna give jake that book. o well i guess it will have to
wait till monday. ok its just two kids their old enough to
take care of themselve mostly. breathe. ok im starting to
get better i think. better go watch csi or something to
take my mind of things.

breathe dammit!!