2004-12-02 22:35:46 (UTC)

Small Comforts

I've finished baking pies for the church Christmas bazaar.
I made apple, blueberry, cherry, peach and mincemeat-custard
as well as a cherry cheesecake. I also baked several dozen
cornbread muffins to be served with the chili. I made a
peach pie for us too.

Later in the morning I worked some more on the Christmas
decorating and cleaned up my sewing room. In the afternoon
I brought the pies to the church and while I was there, I
went into the sanctuary to pray. I was delighted to see
that it is now all decorated for Christmas. I knew this was
being done yesterday after the potluck but we skipped it as
we were both tired and in bed and asleep by 8 p.m.
I spent several hours working on the Snowbound quilt. This
is from the book by the same name which first got me
interested in folk art and primitive quilts. I've always
wanted to make it but I just never got around to it. I
looked at the copyright date on the book: 1989. It's only
taken fifteen years! This is very much a scrap quilt with
many different blocks and I'm having lots of fun with it.
Right now I'm working on a large block which has angels,
stars, shepherds and sheep. I've looked for a photo of it
on the web and while I've found the book (it was reprinted)
the quilt I'm making is shown only the back cover. I did
finally find a photo of the quilt I'm making (although mine
will have lots of adaptations) at