my life sux
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2004-12-02 19:45:02 (UTC)

Fran Called she has some nerve

I went mother's thanks giving sheask me to let her know if
Fran called.
Well lowand behold the BITCH called me yesterday.
I gor out of she was calling me from Roswell and was living
in a motel in Roswell.
Shesaid the reasonshe called was because she was worried
about me.
Yeah sure shedoesn't worry about anyone but her self.
She even hadthe nerve to ask me how herkids were?

Judy and Maureen,
Both were over yesterday for my study.
Maureen really startted jumping on me because I didn't go
Tuesday for the meeting even though I told her I'd been
having a lot of seizure and I was helping Dennis since he
He comes first in my life more than anyone else.