goddess of imaginary light
2004-12-02 00:50:29 (UTC)


finals are here and im terrified!!
maybe instead of going out all the time, if
i did my work and studied for test...oh yeah
and go to class!! then i would do well...
but no! thats not logical for dana....
so im gonna have to suffer through another semester of
fucking myself over ROYALLY!
i barely registered for classes and i need one more!! but
the stupid school doesnt have a time for it yet so i cant
really sighn up for it...
then, my spanish class which i have done nothing for is
something still hanging over me!!
i ahte....HATE school....whats the fuckin point anyways...
why do i need to know how to formulate a research project
in the criminal justice field...i dont plan on doing shit
like that!!! good news.....i have a chance of working with
the ATF...IF i cant pass fucking UNR!!!!

thank you