Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
2004-12-01 18:15:29 (UTC)

The day we broke up...

Yes... today December 1st, 2004 we broke up. Nothing
much can be said of it however. I knew this was comming the
day she said she felt distant from me. She sent me an email
and... what it said... well it doesn't matter. The only
thing left to do now is to pack up my feelings and memories
and move on with life.
We came so far too... but it doesn't do any good to
think about it now. Its over between us, even though we
still love each other, we'll only be friends from now on.
Its hard to imagine isn't? How life so suddenly changes and
the world you once knew seems to have only been a dream. My
eyes truly are open now... and my heart... well I'm still
changing. I don't plan on going back to the way I used to
be... I was a cold hearted person with no regards to anyone.
I'm an adult, its time to start thinking as only one
would. And from here on out in my life, making the best
decisions not only for myself, but for the people I love
will be my most important priority. I just pray that I'll
be able to move on and still be able to carry my memories
of Astrid and me. I did my best to make her happy. But for
some reason... happiness just isn't enough and neither is
love. Thats a very important lesson I'll never forget.
Well... I can't talk about this anymore. I'll write again