My Aphrodisiac
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2004-12-01 17:01:46 (UTC)

I'm in this situation...

So, yesterday Freddie B picks me up from the
airport...he's like, "You ain't got nothin' to say to me?"
I looked at him w/ a blank face cuz I had already said
thanks, hello and all that good stuff. So, to make a long
story short. I forgot it was his birthday. But I made it
up to him lightweight. I sang him my happy birthday song
and gave him 22 kisses. He came up to my room yesterday.
I just knew the roomie would be here as always...but
WRONG. She wasn't there. So, that was a sign that we were
supposed to kick it...chill. That kind of stuff. So, we
talked about us, eachother...blah blah. We kissed. And
why I got two...not one, but TWO hater marks on the neck.
He did that shyt on purpose too...talkin' bout, "That's to
let all these TSU niggaz know what's up." So, I mean and
it's cool. Right? I didn't even do him like that cuz
I'mma get him and he not even know it. Make no reference
to it and he just walk around and mofo's start askin' him
like, what's that on your neck? lol...I didn't care.
Hell, I felt fuccin' helpless in that niggaz arms. He
just do somethin' to me. It's weird as fucc. The man got
me shakin' in my panties. And...hold up! AND...he can
pick me up! Yep...6'2, 175, athletic build. It's a wrap!
But he ain't gettin' none anytime soon. That's for damn
sure! I ain't givin' up the pussy no more til' somebody
wife me the fucc up. As in bf gf type somethin'. I'm fa'
real. Now. Charles. Today is the day. That is the day
that I let him know he can stay his ass in Chattanooga.
Yea, Imma tell him too. Just like that. Well, not
really. But Imma just be like, look there is no reason to
lie to ourselves. You know and I know that we ain't meant
to be. Too many differences and not enough similarities.
All being in eachother's presence is going to do is
complicate things. I'm tired of what if'in shyt. Ain't
no more of that. Hell, it is what it is right now. Fucc
that. I'm a grown ass woman. I don't play games. Yep!
That's even if me and Fred don't work out. I gotta stop
foolin' myself. Man, January 1st 2005...that's MY year.
It's about ME. Yep! I'll holla!

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