2004-12-01 00:45:49 (UTC)

Dazed Days

As the days go by and the joints get passed I get closer to
joining the real world. The world that does not involve
Jake Hayworth. The world where I can finally decide for
myself who I am. But, as of now its the the world of Jake's
and joints. I guess I do not mind. I want Jake. I want to
talk to him. I want him to kiss me. I want him to take me
in his big arms and hold me tight. I dont want to be scared
of love anymore. I just want to be loved by the person I
love. But as Chuck Paluhunick put it " The person you love
and the person who loves you are never the same person" Is
that really true though? Its depressing to think about. At
the same time it is reality and the game of life. Fuck this
journal entry. I'm bitching about the life that I laugh at
and despise. Who am I to talk. I am just part of the cycle.
Just another figure on the boardwalk. Someday... I hope.