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2004-11-30 21:04:59 (UTC)

Peppermint Dreams

Choir practice has been postponed until later in the week.

While looking through boxes in my quilt room I found a kit
with the wool to make a Winterberry Basket from one of the
Need'l Love books. I think I've had this kit for a few
years but it's not even open. Another one to add to my
to-do list for next month.

I visited with Aimee for a while this morning. I like her
dog, Boris. He's an elderly and very sweet yellow lab. He
always greets me with a few barks but he's friendly; he just
wants to let me know that he knows I'm there. Then he'll
come up and put his chin on my lap and look at me with his
big eyes and patiently wait for me to pet him.

The carpet cleaning didn't take too long. I only did the
living room carpet; the rest of the house is all right and
it's not really the best time of year to clean carpets anyway.

I mended a pillow that was losing its stuffing and sewed
pewter buttons on a gray sweater I plan to wear during the
Christmas season. I made little mincemeat turnovers and
snowball cookies, the two most popular cookies around here.
While the cookies were baking, I made some small dried
rosehip wreaths by stringing them on wire and tying red
ribbon to them; I added them to the baskets of ornaments I
keep by the front door. Guests may chose one to take for
their tree as they leave when they come visit us during

I put hard candies and candy canes out. The chocolates come
later. I can't eat things with peppermint; I can only dream
of them.

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