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2004-11-30 01:43:10 (UTC)

Rites of Passage

Just a quote on rites of passage that I thought I might
share with all of my devoted readers (as if there are
any...) :

"Rites of passage? I think the brutal circumcision of
thirteen-year-old boys in Africa falls into this category.
And periods. My theory is that menstruation was invented
by Tampax. Or Satan. Or Advil. And doing It, of course.
Oh, yeah. Big rite of passage. A girl lies in the backseat
of her boyfriend's parents' Volvo and lets Mr. Wrinkles
enter the Last Frontier. The next day he tells his
friends, she tells her friends, and by night fall the
relationship is over.
If you ask me, rites of passage should be called rites of
pain. That's what it's all about, right? Pain. I mean, no
one ever gives you a million dollars and says "Spend this
in one day. It's a rite of passage."
I'll never be circumcised, and I've already suffered
through the entrance into womanhood. So that leaves doing
It. But I'm going to hold off on that for awhile."

(a creation of Katherine Applegate, "Zoey Plays Games" pgs
In case ya'll wanted a citation. =o)