2004-11-29 23:48:17 (UTC)

Sunday Trips

We left almost immediately after church for Corvallis. We
brought Owen grocery shopping and bought him some new shoes
before dropping him off; Gavin said he didn't need anything.
We went to the library which was very crowded as it always
is on Sundays as it's only open a few hours. We dropped off
the recyling and then John said he wanted to go to Albany to
price out new tires for the van so we did that. I waited in
the car and knit. The time went fast because as I knit I
kept an eye on the couple trying to figure out how to pack
everything they'd just bought into their SUV. It took them
the twenty minutes John was gone, but they finally managed it.

It was cold and dark by the time we got home. John had a
flat on his truck so he changed it and then we had dinner.
He made a fire in the fireplace and we went to bed early.
Tomorrow he starts back to work.