listen to my silences
2004-11-29 19:57:16 (UTC)

no reply

i figured that last poem would get some response. no
replies. not even a haha that was clever. jake read it
and thought it was hilarious (though it scared him at
first) but that's all i got. oh well. i thought it was
funny, and every time i read it i laugh again.


okay well there's a lot going on with me but it's just the
usual stuff and i don't want to talk about it right now.

i am really worried about tiff though. there's a lot of
stuff going on with her and i don't want either her or
nick hurt again. if they could learn to talk to each
other half as much as jake and i do, they'd make it. i
just don't know if they will. they don't either. i want
them to work, but i don't want any of them hurt. it's
an...interesting situation.

i need to go.

final thought: there's vomit all over the side of my car.