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2004-11-29 01:02:14 (UTC)

Thanksgiving and whatnot

Ah, the joy of breaks from school. And the joy of spending
good quality time with your family, with no fighting and
complaining and crabbiness.

So my Thanksgiving went pretty well, I'd say. Lauren got
home from UVA about 11 on Tuesday night, after I had
gotten home from work, and my mom and dad and Lauren and I
all stayed up late talking, and it was cool. Then
Wednesday I was the only one that had to go to school,
which sucked, because I had the shortest attention span
ever all day, but I got through it. When I got home, I
realized that I had forgotten to put in my request for
Christmas Eve off from work the night before, so my mom
was like go do it now before its too late, but I was
worried because I had let my boss Rick think that we were
leaving on vacation on Wednesday. But I went anyway, and I
just had to laugh at myself because I was being silly and
ducking behind shelves and engaging in much subterfuge the
whole time so no one would see me. It's too bad I couldn't
share the funniness with anyone, because I couldn't show
my face, but oh well. So then... I went home, and I was
kind of put out because all of the Thanksgiving food was
already made, like the pecan pie and the chex mix and all
the good stuff that I like to help make, but I got over it
pretty quickly. We had our Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday
night, and then after that I went to see Alexander with
Pam. It wasn't the worse movie of all time, but it
certainly didn't meet my expectations. It's ok though,
Colin looked pretty good for most of it, until he went
insane or something and just was weird. Anyway, Pam got
into William and Mary, so I was really excited for her,
and it made me wish I had done early admission...

So Thursday morning we all got up and packed and showered
and got in the car at about 10 head up to Chincoteague.
Crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel is always fun,
and then we stop for a picnic lunch at some random state
park and eat leftover Thanksgiving food, and I must say
that pecan pie and chex mix are even better as leftovers
(or maybe I was just especially hungry then). So then we
keep driving and get to Chincoteague, and drive around a
bit at the Wildlife Refuge, go to the beach... which was
so incredibly windy, by the way, that my little sister
started crying because she couldn't breath right. It was
crazy. But I love it that way. We had a hard time finding
somewhere that was open for dinner on THanksgiving night
that WASN'T serving THanksgiving dinner, but I guess we
eventually did, and then we watched Spiderman on tv. The
next morning we got up at 6 and went to the beach to watch
the sun rise... its pretty cool, its almost like the edge
of the world, and its just you and the seagulls and the
waves and the sun...

Then we walked around the Wildlife Loop, then got hungry
and went out to breakfast and then Lauren and I biked the
four miles around the Wildlife loop... its pretty easy,
since its all flat and we stopped a couple of times to
take in the scenery, but let me tell you, it was cold! I
thought my hands were gonna freeze on the handlebars. But
we made it. And then we went over to the Assateague
lighthouse, and we were gonna climb it but they said we
had to pay, which we never had to before, and my dad said
he refused to pay to walk up all those steps, so we left.
Had more Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch, went back to
the beach, watched the sunset on the Wildlife Loop, went
to dinner, where I had the best crab cakes and hush
puppies ever, and then went shopping! I love browsing
through all the random art galleries and fudge shops on
the island. Then we got up early again Saturday morning
and went to the beach and the loop one last time, drove
around the island of Chincoteague, and then headed home.
Got home at about 4, unpacked, had some dinner, watched
men in black and then men in black two. Now that is some
quality, no thinking required television. Went to bed
early, since I had to get up and go to not one, but 2
masses at church.

I got up this morning and went to the 9:15 mass by myself,
since I was cantoring at the 11:15 mass and the cantors
are supposed to go the mass before their mass to make sure
they know whats going on, if that makes any sense. Saw
lots of cool people there, like Jen, and a bunch of my
buddies from choir last year that graduated, like Colleen
and Meghan, and it made me sad because it's not the same
without them. Anyway, then I changed in the bathroom into
my choir dress and got ready to cantor at the 11:15 mass.
My family came this time, and it was cool because I like
going to church on the 4 sundays of advent, they are fun.
And it was especially cool because when mass was over and
I was done cantoring, Joe Ritter was waiting for me by the
altar and held his hand out and said "come here" and gave
me a humongous hug and a kiss on the cheek... I thought I
was going to black out from lack of oxygen, but it was
glorious because Joe Ritter has been my favorite person in
the world for the past couple weeks and he was so proud of
me, and it was good. Got home from church, went shopping
with mom and dad for advent stuff, then came home and fell
asleep trying to memorize hamlet. Lauren left to go back
to UVA, we had dinner, and now you are all caught up. I'm
sure you are glad that you now know what I did every
second of my break. I think its time for me to go make a
second batch of chex mix and look at the Chincoteague
pictures, because I am still in denial about having to go
back to school tomorrow.

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