my entity
2004-11-28 23:16:22 (UTC)

Hit by a cab :-|

It has been a week already since I was hit by a cab when I
was on my way to work (Nov. 21, 2004).

I praise God that nothing serious happened to me, it's
just that my left thigh is in deep pain that i wasn't able
to stand and walk. I forced myself to go to work inspite
of what happened but then when I reached our "login"
computer, there..I gave in. I can't endure the pain
already and give up.

I requested one of our officemate, Carlos to bring me to
the hospital and fortunately Delia Lisa was there
volunteering herself to come with me.

In the hospital, there was no sign of bone fracture after
conducting the X-ray. The doctor just prescribed some pain
killer and antibiotic for my thigh.

Boom! I was stocked at home for a week but on the latter
two days, I managed to go out and went some malling...Coz
you know..I'm really really bored.

My church family blessed me so that I can buy the
rest of the medicines prescribed. PRaise God! God is
really good all the time :)

Now, even thoung I still feel a little pain in my left
thigh when walking I already went to work. I have to and I
need to.

That would be all for now...

Oooppss by the way, I just realize that God doesn't want
me to come home to heaven yet coz I think I still have
something to do here on this fallen world. God has still a
purpose for me here.

Gotta go now really....

Ciao and God Speed!

7:16 am

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