chevs life
2004-11-28 08:55:41 (UTC)

peach yogurt

This entry really has nothing to do with peach yogurt. I'm
just eating it at the moment so I decided I would put it
as the subject since I couldn't think of anything else.

Anyways, I've had a pretty funtastic month. No shave
November is going great. My leg hair is about 1/2 an inch
long (probably not that bad, but close to it). It's nasty
anyway but I love how I have an excuse not to shave my
legs. It's ingenius really. I'm loving it, whatever.

Hmm... what else. I got cut from the basketball team which
has left me rather bitter I would say. I can't even look
Gottselig in the face. I just look down at the ground.
This is the first year, since I've been able to play, that
I'm not playing and that upsets me just a little bit. What
used to be my favorite sport is now just a memory. Boo
hoo, poor me. Whatever. I don't really care anymore
actually. I think, because I already knew it was coming,
that I'm not as mad as I would be if I thought I was gonna
make it. If only that made any sense whatsoever. I
understand it anyway. But ya, I'm still bitter toward
Gottselig. Really, I just think it's cuz he asked me to be
manager after telling me I was cut. Now, I have nothing
against managers but they have to volunteer. You don't
just say hey, "I'd like it if you'd be our manager but
it's up to you". Like that's a bit of a kick in the face.
To me it's like saying, hey you're not good enough for our
team but you can give the team water. Bleh, I'm bitter,

More about me.... Friends? Friends are good. I love my
friends. They are cool folks. I've really got no bone to
pick with them presently.

Oh! I watched this movie tonight called American History X
and it's really goood! It has Edward Norton in it (the
greatest actor alive... well one of them anyway. He's just
great) I think it's kinda old though cuz I've never heard
of it but who knows. I didn't get to see the whole thing
but I think I'm gonna rent it someday so that I can. It's
about like skin heads and stuff and I dunno, I don't
support what they do but it just really interested me to
see why they think the way they do. I mean there was some
stuff I just wanted to cry at but I cry about everything
so it wasn't so bad. I really really really hafta remind
myself to rent it. It was so good up to where I saw it.

Yep but that's all for now cuz I'm reallllllllly tired.
It's 3 a.m. tsk tsk on me. To bed I go... goodnight all.

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