2004-11-28 00:51:06 (UTC)

Baking Season

I did a lot of cooking and baking today--much of it to be
sent home with Gavin and Owen when we bring them back to
Corvallis. Towards the end of the week I'll be baking pies
and more pies for the church Christmas bazaar on Friday and
Saturday and the following week I'll be baking cookies and
making fudge to mail to Jack so this is just a pale preview
of what's to come!
I've begun making my lists which always seem to multiply.
Monday I have grocery shopping, Tuesday cleaning the
carpets, Wednesday making pies, a cherry cheesecake and
cornbread for the church bazaar, Thursday making more pies
for the bazaar, and I'm scheduled to work at the bazaar on
Friday afternoon. In between there will be driving Hugh to
his classes, choir practice, beginning to decorate the house
for Christmas, working on the Snowbound quilt and more
charity knitting, and there will probably be a few more
unexpected things that'll come up at the last minute. There
always are!
A small flock of Oregon juncos flew in the back yard looking
for food this afternoon, just after a brief downpour of
rain. John filled the bird feeder and hung it in the
snowball tree. It didn't take them long to discover it and I
enjoyed watching them through the window for quite some time.

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