2004-11-27 06:45:12 (UTC)

~~ Unknown~~

The sadness emanating from her eyes
Was a magnet pulling me deeper into her
A true mirror
To a shadow uncast
Everything I saw in her
Was surely what loomed from myself
For a moment I felt child- like
Wanting to run into her arms
Burying myself there
Wallowing, in not my own sadness
But in hers
Not to comfort
But to see if I could feel
To feel something other than my own constant hunger
Startled from my thoughts
As she moved with the prowlness of death
Almost lingering in each step
I followed, I had to know more
Of the beauty who embraced her sadness
Come upon almost one hundred years my immortal
Never had I been drawn to the cattle
From which I fed
This one was so different
Yet not so different from myself
She had come to a stop
Myself a few steps behind
Help me!, broke the silent air
"An eternity of sadness is all I can give"
I forgive you,she said.
"Forgive me not for what I do"
I forgive you for not doing it sooner, she said.
With those words she now flowed into me
As I passed back into her.
In sadness and the cover of darkness we share
Our madness in sanguinary feast