forever 17

silent wishes
2004-11-27 02:24:29 (UTC)


let's's...the day after thanksgiving? friday i
think. dont really remember to tell the truth. ::sighs:
so...last night sucked so horribly bad it isnt even funny.
but it doesen't hurt nearly as much anymore, but then it
hurts because it doesn't. yea i know that doesnt make any
sense to anybody but me, but oh well. i feel better now, i
really do, but then that kinda makes me sad again so
grr...i need a job. i hate breaks from school 'cause it
gives me way to much time to think. thinking is such a bad
thing. kill the person who invented it.

so i went to walmart today with jake. well, not today,
more like 6 o'clock this morning. he missed my turn and had
to go back and then nearly killed his poor car coming up my
driveway. turns out after all that we missed all the good
fights, so we went to target, and dear god i have never
seen so many people in 1 place at 1 time...hehe, he was
gonna buy some dvd things so he can pirate some more
movies, and he forgot he had them in his hand and nearly
walked out of the store without paying for them. ah that
would've sucked rather badly. so then we walked back out
into the freezing cold and went walking around the parking
lot because we couldnt remembe where we parked. then we
went to mcdonalds and killed some more time and then nearly
killed his poor car again on my driveway, and i was back
home into the boredom.

after that i slept til about 4 and then made more
cornbread to put into the dressing for when we have
thanksgiving at grandma's sunday. wheeee! more turkey!
and...of course...the people. no, momma's family's not all
that bad, but my dad's...ugh. morons, every single one of

so now i'm gonna try and finish a picture i've been
drawing for about a week. now pretty much the only thing
i've got left it to color it, which'll be harder than
drawing it.

oooooooh pie. pie is awesome...yum.

forever 17