DayDream Believer
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2004-11-26 19:16:27 (UTC)

Time off

Things are getting bad back home, I feel so awful and a bit
scared all the time. Its so bad that I have truble falling
asleep at night. Witch is not a good thing considering I had
two exams this week. I sleep all day cause I cant fall a
sleep at night, when its dark and quiet, I have nothing to
do but to lie down and wait for sleep, I start thinking. Its
hard to say how I did on my exams, Im prepared for
Me and Tommy are just doing, not well not bad. I know this
sounds like a bad thing, but honestly I dont think so. We
dont have the time for us, its just surviving problems from
one family to the other. I was supose to clear things out
with my self now, instead Im in the phone with my family,
spending time with them, rreading to my exam, sleeping or
crying. I wont say Im glad his mother is drinking, but its
nice to have someone who understand you and have been in
your shoes if you know what I mean..
Toningt Im leaving with the night train to spend some time
with Kelly. She have brought her own appartment in a nother
city and I cant wait to see her. Im so glad shes my friend.
I`ve been planning this trip for a long while, but allmost
had to cancel cause I could not dare to leave this. And I
feel bad leaving Toomy to, now Im finaly done with two of my
exams and could have some fun with him, and Im leaving. Hes
been verry nice and understanding with me. He got his own
state of mind, wicth I respect, I like to hear his appinion
and lately we been having some good laughs tougether.

I`ll write more later. Angel