The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-11-26 01:59:38 (UTC)


Heylo there ppl! Brian and Jordan! hello..yeah cheers for
the feedback J! :) nice 1..Yeah ur rite they kik ass..!
Well i may be moving from this to Livejournal..why ive had
my fair share of good times on here..*cries* lmao..:p but i
meen Jordans making me a NAKED iain watkins Lj! so its
kinda hmm! what shall i chooose?! argh! lol..

Well i aint rly been up2 much..been 2 the cinema with
Brian..was it date? wasnt it? lol..hmm! who knows?! Neither
of us apparently..:p anyhoo..aye! Heylo toots if ur readin
this..thot id update since i aint in a while n it seems
like i hav sum new readers..woO! so aye!

This weekend i think is gonna b pretty top actually..apart
from the work thing in which i needa be up before 8 oclock
in the morning *cries*! Bt 2moro im going xmas shoppin in
town with Emma n Kelly..n maybe gettn sum lunch etc..shud b
good :)..2moro nite fink am going over 2 Emmas for a while
bt i dunno if that'll happen..hopefully tho! Sat am
workin..then going bowling at nite..! yay :) hehe..then
Sunday im workin n going 2 c Crashdown at nite time..they
kik ass with their electric violin n everything..:p Yaaas!
cum on you's! lol..anyhoo!

- x adios x -