My Thoughts and Feelings
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2004-11-24 23:03:58 (UTC)

Life's Highway

Hello Diary!

I havent written in awhile. I don't have alot of time
here lately, though I don't know where the time goes. I
guess I'm just cruisin along life's highway. Sometimes it
moves too fast, other times too slow. I had in my head
that I would be a spinster for the rest of my life, I
still kind of do. I haven't dated in a long time, until
recently. I met this guy, I thought I liked him at first,
but now I think he's just running game on me. How long
should you date before having sex? I'm not sure that
anyone can answer that, but there has to be a limit
that "good" girls use. He seems to be putting too much
emphasis on that part of the relationship, but I'm not
into it yet. We've only been dating for two weeks now!!
I was thinking last night I should just do it, but then I
think why should I? What makes this guy so freakin
special? Nothing, is the answer. He just thinks he has
all the right things to say, he has yet to meet a girl
like me. I'm like no one he has met before, I have my own
game. Speaking of game, the Lakers are playing well this
season. I am so glad. I am a HUGE Lakers fan. Hopefully
this year they will win the title (now that have said
ADIOS to Shaq). My son is doing good, he is being a
little brattier than usual, but then I guess kids always
have those phases. I am going solo tonight to watch a
movie (Bridget Jones 2). My best friend has been acting
weird lately (since I have been dating). I don't know
what her problem is, she set me up with him and I
haven't "neglected" our time together or anything.
Everytime I bring up something to do there is always an
excuse why she can't (even if I arrange it around her).
She has her kids lie and say she is sleeping to avoid my
calls. I don't know....I'm sure it will work itself out.
I did confront her on it today, she denied that anything
was wrong. Maybe it's just me and my hormones. Well my
son is here asking for more Pokemon stuff. He is going
through that phase also. Funny how things gets passed
down the line through the generations. Toys that I
remember having as a kid (Care Bears, Cabbage Patch,
etc..) have all come back on the market. Pokemon has been
out since before he was born, but yet here it is 7 years
later and it is still going strong. I need to come up
with an idea that has that much staying power. Anyway, I
have to go now. Bye.