Pieces of Me
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2004-11-22 22:42:54 (UTC)

Bring Your Own Stereo

For you
Patiently hoping
Your feelings might change
For me now
Guess I’m coping
But at least I’m feeling
Don’t take it for what you see
‘Cause it could be worse…

I’m breathing for you
What a price to pay
To want to know how flying feels
You want to know how flying feels
I think I know how dying feels
‘Cause I’m still
Waiting for you…”

-Jimmie’s Chicken Shack

I used to know someone….

Thinking about him makes me uncomfortable, and I feel light-
headed and sick to my stomach whenever I see him.

But I haven’t seen him in a long time, except in my dreams.
It leaves me feeling very odd when I wake up. It feels like
he’s pushing his way into my mind even though I don’t want
him there.

He’s pushing his way even into my conscious thoughts.

So I bought this cd that we used to listen to. I don’t know
why. Just acting on impulse, I guess. I got it in the mail
today, and when I opened up the case to play it, there was
a little Superman symbol on the disc. It jumped out at me.

That was weird.

And the lyrics make me feel weird. They make me remember.

But I like the music.

I don’t know what to think.

It makes me wonder if he’s doing it on purpose. It seems
weird, but I’m sure stranger things have happened.

Part of me wants to see him, just so I can ask him if he
knows what he’s doing… but I’m scared of him, and I think I
might throw up.

But I’m still curious.

I want to know why he’s in my head.

“If I don’t kid myself
If I don’t care about a thing
Would I be light enough to fly
And if I just rid myself
The weight of memories and doubts
Would I be light enough to fly
‘If the world was flat would you jump off?’
I think I’d float down like a feather…”

- Jimmie’s Chicken Shack