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2004-11-22 01:10:27 (UTC)

11.21.04 Ouch.

After living what has seemed to be the most stressful
week of my life, my thoughts on a lot of things that I had
made inactive in my head have become active.
I don't know what this entry is about, reader. There
have been so many things that have happened this week that
have made me so stressed out, especially after today. I
lost a loved one: my aunt Michelle Mitchell passed away,
and, I must say, it's hard to even look at those words.
Again, as much as I love words, words cannot really
do the above situation justice: it is, of course, never
easy to lose someone you love. I gotta give the situation
to God, though, cause I know that if I don't, things will
just become more messed up. I pray (and ask you to pray)
for her family: my uncles and cousins, who just lost a
mother and a wife. I musn't go into depth about the
situation, for there is somehow a conceptual family politic
involved, and I dare not be partial toward anyone in such a
tense and difficult situation.
As a believer in the philosophy "what doesn't kill you
makes you stronger", I won't even be selfish enough to
utter those words, because there are people so much more
affected than I am. I ask that you keep my family in your
prayers, though, cause that's all that you (and I) can do.
I knew my aunt as one of the warmest people in my
memory. I have footage of her at my first birthday party
and such: she loved me and loved my family. (I'm not sure
if the past tense actually is appropriate, as I am not
familiar with the semantics of the deceased)Hugging her
gave me a feeling of whole satisfaction, and there was a
warmth to her that I saw and know existed. Also, given her
family's situation, she was one of the strongest people I
know. She did a marvelous job raising two children.
Needless to say, my tears can't reflect how much she'll be
This clearly recieves number one attention to the
other happenings of this week: it beats me getting
arrested, (yes, arrested: thrown against a car, searched,
and being taken to the police station) being utterly
confused and hurt badly by someone I care dearly about, and
dealing with some friends' VERY serious (serious enough to
compete with the issue I've spent the last few paragraphs
discussing) issues. I'm exhausted, and this has all been
hard for me. I thank the Lord that this is all it has been
though, because I am so fortunate for what I do still have.
I love you, and I ask you to pray for my family and I. So
much has happened for me in this month of November: I don't
even know where to begin. Sometimes I feel I am maturing
too fast, and I openly admit that I've been through a lot
of things that I should not have been through (most by my
choice) this month. Jeeze. Sorry for the sad entry here.
When I write about the arrest, that'll be sure to cheer you

Alix Coupet.