Pieces of Me
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2004-11-21 23:22:14 (UTC)


Yeah, I know. It's been awhile. I've just been preoccupied
with a lot of stuff that really shouldn't be worth
investing so much energy in... and yet for some reason,
it's all taking up the vast majority of spare thoughts.

Oh well.

Anyway, Lindsey's quoted me in one of her journal entries,
so now it's my turn to quote her. I don't think I could
have said it any better myself:

"I need a hug.

Not the normal bone breaking hug you give your friends
just because you can, but a different kind of hug.

I need a full body contact hug, one that has "I like you"
somewhere in it. I need a hug that has an ulterior motive,
one that's part of a guy's never ending quest for booty. I
need a hug that someone wants to give me and not out of

I need a hug, that at least for a little while, can make
me forget how lonely I am."

Yeah, that kind of hug is great.
I could use one of those hugs right now.

More later, if I get around to it.