Amy Sharpe

Amy Sharpes journal
2004-11-21 11:46:01 (UTC)

Extasy, Sex, And Tunes

This is my first post in MONTHS!

I feel I've seen so much and reading through my previous
tales of "deppresion" in this online diary seem quite
comical. So The last few months have been a perfect example
of how "drugs sex and rock'n'roll" can fuck with your head!
Well drugs anyway, and for some I guess the sex (play rape
is sick Dude...)
So seeing all that I have seen, Including the inside walls
of rehab, the headlights of a car before it hits, Thousands
of coke, pills, and fucking. I think I have learnt alot...
Pills are fun... Cars hurt and crossing the road at night
is a scarey expeirience. And Music is the one thing that
holds my soul!

Music - Green Day "welcome to paradise"

Food consumed- 2 pieces of toast

drink- A can of stella

Mood- Drunk, and laughing at the fact it's not even 12pm...